Hi there

Thanks for coming over to You might have found me via googling stuff but hopefully you've come to read my general ramblings.

I'm 24, a girl, and live in London now after having spent time in the Northwest and also the West Midlands.

I work in music & radio & am a resident DJ at 3 London nightclubs. I go on about music a lot on but this is totally my own opinion and has nothing to do with my employers.

As you can probably tell I *love* music, all types, from my early days as a pop kid, to now liking anything that's good. I hate people who only like one genre and don't give anything a go. If I had to say though, i'd be specialising in pop, indie & electro.

I also love the web. MP3 blogs, flickr, myspace & normal blogs all rock my world, providing me with information and communication channels I wouldn't otherwise have. I love finding out about new things, and new ways of doing stuff based on new technologies.

If you'd like me to write for you then please mail me at karinski AT gmail dot com. Also bare in mind that this blog is very much a stream of consciousness. It's not spell-checked or meant to make that much sense.

Trixie K.